About Us

At Champion Title Loans our Loans are Brokered through TMG Loan Processing. Their state of the art call center gives you the best opportunity to get funded through a variety of lenders. Not just one! TMG Loan Processing has the highest rating on Consumer Affairs over any other Title Loan company. See some of their recent reviews:

Why Choose Us?

Champion Title Loans is committed to work with you through every step of the lending process, from application to repayment. Our services are designed to relieve the stress of your financial burdens so that you can lead a fulfilling life. We provide support to our qualified customers in many ways, making Champion Title Loans the first choice for your title loan needs.

Our Solution

Call us toll-free or submit an information request form online to get started. It is free of cost and obligation to apply.
We consider unique factors to determine who qualifies for our services. Credit score is not the most important criteria! You may be approved with Champion Title Loans even with poor or unestablished credit.
We ensure that interest rates on your loan are fair, and that your repayment plan fits into your budget. Our auto title loans are brokered by TMG Loan Processor.
When you qualify with Champion Title Loans, you could receive the money from your loan in as little as one business day.